WHWBSW Podcast Launch

Published: March 8, 2023

Gender Equality

Host Emma Mahony and Wannon Water CEO, Andrew Jeffers, share a candid conversation about the factors that drive his commitment to gender equality, their vision for the future, and the lessons learned so far along the road to gender equality.

Guest Andrew Jeffers 

Prior to his appointment as CEO in July 2015, Andrew worked for 16 years with Wannon Water and 23 years within the Victorian water industry in various engineering and corporate roles, which has resulted in a deep understanding of the water industry and the business of a water corporation.

Andrew understands that Wannon Water exists for its customers and recognises the importance and community value of providing high quality water, sewerage and trade waste services. He has a special interest in ensuring that Wannon Water helps communities in the south-west flourish.

Andrew is the Chair of the Victorian Intelligent Water Network Executive Committee, a Director of VicWater, Director of the Institute of Water Administration, Chair of the VicWater Safety Executive Group and a Director of the South West Victoria Alliance. https://www.wannonwater.com.au/ 

Host Emma Mahony

Emma Mahony, CEO of Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West, is a passionate health promotion practitioner with a fierce commitment to ensuring our shared endeavours will create positive change for women.  Emma strives to make the complex simple and to help others understand, and commit to, the steps needed to make improvements in women’s lives. 

Emma brings a grounded approach to meeting partners where they are and believes that when we bring our expertise, influence, and resources together, we will become a powerful force for progress.  In short, Emma wants to be part of a more just and fair world….and won’t settle for less than that!

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