March 4 Justice

Event date: September 01, 2021

Women with Disabilities

Take Action!

Today, right across Australia, women are taking to the streets. Thousands of women are demanding safety and justice - an end to silence and an end to violence.

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Can’t rally? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Sign the petition:
  2. Record a short clip. Stand alongside thousands of woman today & say NO to violence.
  3. Stop work between 12pm and 3pm. Live stream rallies, and share in the movement. We are stronger together.
  4. At 12pm on the dot, play #Iamwoman on your phone, computer, device REALLY RELLY LOUD. Wherever you are. Don’t be afraid!!! Listen out for your sisters.
  5. Wear Black. Get a black face mask and write #enough on it. Take a snap and share.

We’ve marched, we’ve raised our voices, signed petitions and how can we now ensure we creating lasting change? What’s next?

1. Contact your local Federal MP. Ask to meet with them and discuss safety and justice women. Ask for action:

  • An independent review of sexual harassment and violence against women in Parliament — Immediate Gender Equality audit of all Parliaments across Australia
  • All Parliaments Gender Equal by 2030

2. Get on board.

Take action, big and small to promote gender equality and respectful relationships. To understand what works visit: For information, advice, resources or training contact us, as below.

#March4Justice #EnoughIsEnough