Our People

We are a passionate team with a proud history of collaboration and achievement.

Our team

Carly Dennis

Regional Manager

Jenny Waterhouse

Business Manager

Katie Mckean

Regional Facilitator, Sexual & Reproductive Health

Julia Thompson

Communications Advisor

Sarah Wood

Regional Facilitator, Gender Equity

Rochelle Winnen

Regional Facilitator, Gender Equity

Our Board

WHWBSW is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, run by a nine-member voluntary Board. The Board is responsible for oversight of the financial and strategic direction of the organisation.

As an Incorporated entity, we are headed by a Board whose members serve on a voluntary basis. The Board plays a critical role in governance, promoting the health of the organisation and ensuring diligent oversight of business and compliance performance at a strategic level.

Join our board

Phoebe Nagorcka-Smith

Board Chair (Elected 2016)

Laura Alston

Deputy Chair (Elected 2019)

Lynnere Gray

Treasurer (Elected 2019)

Gillian Jenkins

Board Member (Elected 2015)

Jessica Fishburn

Board Member (Elected 2016)

Joanne Cunningham

Board Member (Elected 2020)

Alison Byrne

Board Member (Elected 2020)

Rhea Harper

Board Member (Elected 2020)

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Join the leading organisation for gender equity in the Barwon South West region.

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